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Yep, we're in Alabama now!

There's going to be plenty to see here!

Pretty flowers at the Entrance...

Off to our left...Looking forward to being up close to tomorrow...

Isn't the sky pretty today?

Info sign...

More Info...

Wow, it is long!

Looking forward to getting much closer...

Check out the bananas & apple on top!


See you tomorrow!

Arrived in Huntsville, Alabama about 12:30 this afternoon and got checked in and setup at the campground on site at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. It's a very nice campground with plenty of pretty trees and very convenient to our plans for tomorrow. We'd originally planned to travel I-40 through Memphis but after reading about the road construction and long delays between Memphis & Little Rock, Arkansas we quickly changed our route.

We traveled I-65 for a portion of today's trip as well as US 31 & US 72. An easy travel day with little traffic and good roads. I like it best when we are able to get off the interstate and still make reasonable time. It's a plus as far as taking in the sights too. Love checking out the residences, landscaping, lakes, streams etc. So different in this part of the country. Of course, if it's green and lush it probably rains a bunch or they are covered in deep snow all winter. Guess I'll always be a 'city girl' with a love of the ocean and the redwoods and the Black Hills!

After a bite of lunch we drove over to the Space Center to get a feel of the place. We'll be spending several hours there tomorrow starting with a guided tour, an Imax film on Hubble, some hands on exhibits, a couple of rides and finally spending some time on our own. Looking forward to it as it looks very interesting. By the way, we visited the Visitor Center downtown and picked up a 20% off coupon for our admittance which is a bit pricey.

After leaving the Space Center we made our way to the historic district and did a walking tour of Twickenham, one of the largest concentrations of antebellum homes in the South, containing more than 65 structures. Oh my, we saw some amazing homes! But, more on that later. I'm going to finish this post so I can get to bed a bit earlier tonight as we'll have a full day tomorrow. We are still on Central time, not sure when that changes, guess I'd better look. Thanks for checking in guys, we really appreciate it! It's very cool to look at our live Feedjit feed & see your city & state listed and know that you cared enough to take a few precious minutes of your day to see where we are & what we're doing. Makes our day!...

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