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Jan enjoying the warm waters of the gulf.

A baby seagull travelling the beach.

Pic speaks for itself

Jefferson Davis's home

Remants of Katrina

The "popcorn" tree!!!

Well here we are still in Gulfport. We developed a leak in our hot water heater and it will need to be replaced. Today(Monday) is the first day they were able to get us in to look at it.As it turns out it was completely rusted out on the bottom. The repairman had to order one and says it will be here tomorrow. So far all the people we meet down here have really been nice to us. The RV park owner is letting us stay on a day to day basis and checks on us every day to make sure we are doing okay. He made showers available to us since we do not have any hot water. The park does not have public showers as most of the residents here are permanent and are self contained. Mike(the repairman) gave us vouchers for a free dinner each at a local Chicken diner. His cat even came in and snuggled while he was working on the water heater. He looked just like Lucy. Mike checked before we left to make sure Tom(the cat) wasn't getting kidnapped. I guess if you are going to be stuck somewhere it is good to be where the people are nice. We have enjoyed taking drives along the Gulf beaches in the evenings here. The views are just awesome. We visited Beauvoir, the Famous Last Home of Jefferson Davis, that is located right on the Beach Road just outside of Biloxi. We spent one day just sitting on the beach and enjoying the outdoors. We both waded in the Gulf waters but neither of us ventured out much past our knees. We got to see some baby seagulls. I guess I never thought about it before that you always see the adult birds but this was the first time we ever saw babies. It is so amazing to see all the aftermath of Katrina that is still present down here. We found out that the big trees we have been seeing down here are a different type of Oak tree. They get really huge and as we drive along we see many of them that have been completely stripped of their leaves and are just standing there completely bare. And you still see stilts standing on foundations without a house on them. Then there a lot of buildings that are still standing that have been abandoned in different stages of disrepair. They also have a tree down here that they call a popcorn tree that has little hulls on them and when they open up they look just like a piece of popped popcorn. We also found out that they have these huge sweepers that come out at night and sweep all the sand that has blown out onto the road back onto the beach. As soon as we find out more about our plans to continue west we will post our route.

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