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Carson in the Park

Our Picnic

Vivian in the park

Dad and Verity


Erica's wonderful chicken dinner

Sunday morning - Erica prepared a wonderful Turkish style breakfast picnic for us and we take it over to one of their large parks, called Camlik (pronounced Chamlick meaning "pine"). It reminds us alot of North Carolina or East Texas because of the many really tall pine trees. We gather in a nice shaded part of the park and share our breakfast.....boiled eggs, cucumbers and tomatoes drizzled with olive oil, local Turkish pastry, goat cheese and olives. Then we walk around the park and play with the kids for the rest of the morning.


Two interesting things:

1 - the parks have exercise equipment, things like stationery bikes and weight machines, and you will often see people using them to work out. Sort of an outdoor gym

2 - I wish I had taken a picture of this....there are dogs that lay outdoors in the parks here. Every time we have seen them, they are just sleeping and not bothering anybody despite how crowded or busy the park might be. They look like rugs they are so content! Erica tells me they are strays and are taken care of by the government. The City makes sure they are taken care of and have their shots, etc.


Erica prepares a wonderful meal tonight. She takes a whole chicken and lots of fresh veggies and Andy takes it down to a friend's restaurant that is nearby and he cooks it in his brick oven. The result is delicious. Check out the picture posted in today's journal.

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