Illingworth Karinjini Adventures 2013 travel blog

DAY: 1 Joondalup – Kirkalocka station

I was really exited in the morning of the big trip. It was about 10:20am when we left Joondalup. It was about 30 minutes into the trip and we saw two massive over sized trucks. Dad talked to the truck drivers and had to pull over and let the two massive trucks pass us. We stopped in about an hour after we saw the massive trucks. We saw lots of dead kangaroos in the middle of the road and passed lots of over sized trucks, and road trains. We stopped at Wubin to get diesel on the way to Kirkalocka station and had some lunch at Wubin.

After six and a half long hours of driving we finally arrived at Kirkalocka station. When we arrived at Kirkalocka station and there wasn't much at Kirkalocka station but we fun. Liam (my brother) and I played cricket and some basketball. We met the owner of the caravan park and his name was Jeff. Before we could have a hot shower we had to light the donkey boiler (a 20 or 30 litre bucket on top of a fire that you had to light yourself then wait about 30 – 40 minutes before we could have a hot shower).

It was a long day of driving and it was the biggest day of driving on the 5 week holiday. I'm happy that the driving trip is over for today.



DAY: 2 Kirkalocka station – Karalundi (Aboriginal boarding school)

In the morning we woke up and had coco pops for breakfast. Then we played some cricket and packed the van to get ready to drive to Karalundi. When we had packed the van fully then we left Kirkalocka station at about 7:30.

We stopped and had lunch at Cue and a toilet stop. Then we kept driving and stopped at Meekatharra to get some diesel then kept driving until we got Karalundi. We booked in and got some swimming tickets so we can go for a swim at the boarding school. When we were just about to get ready to go for a swim the office lady came and said that we weren't aloud to go for a swim because the school children were coming out of their class and going for a swim because it is their home.

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