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How a dosa should look

Me trying my best, not very successfully

The children at the orphanage

Today we left our very comfortable Chandoori Sai Guest House at 5.30am for our next stop, the New Hope Community Guest house at Muniguda.

On the way we stopped at the Chakitona market, a local market where we could see the local Dongria Kondh tribe going about their business. The ladies had many earrings in their ears and some were carrying chickens in their saris against their breast. Some also had embroidered shawls which they would give to someone of the opposite sex who took their fancy - if accepted, they would marry. The men also embroider shawls for the same purpose. We had to register to go to the market, and we could not take cameras with us - such a shame as there were so many great shots we couldn't take.

After the market we drove on to the New Hope Community. This is an NGO originally set up as a hospital to care for those with polio and leprosy though in recent years it has been used mainly for cataract operations. The Indian Government says that leprosy has been eradicated in India, but those at the hospital say that they are still finding half a dozen new cases each year. Some of those at the community were missing fingers and legs as a result of leprosy. The community also has an orphanage and an old people's home. The children in the orphanage were mainly retarded, though there was one little boy who had been orphaned at 3 years when his parents and brother were killed in a fire. He still has the scars from this fire, with one hand totally deformed from the burns.

Before the hospital and orphanage visit, we had a cooking lesson. We made a tomato based curry (very hot) and dosas, south Indian pancakes, which we had for dinner.

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