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Sunset in Natchez

Marilyn, Mike, and Sandy

Marilyn and Sandy

Our choice for dinner

In spite of me feeling less than 100%, we sure enjoyed the company of our friends, Mike & Sandy, last night.

We greeted each other with hugs, and took some pictures before leaving for the drive to “Floyd’s Cajun Seafood” several miles down the highway.

We had to wait for a table but the time went pretty fast for us as we visited and laughed together. Mike has a great sense of humor, similar to our friends, Mike, Bob, and Jesse, and he regaled us with his stories.

In fact dear readers, I highly suggest that you check out his blog at:


I think you will enjoy his ramblings.

It is nice that we have become friends enough for him to begin harassing me without mercy. As soon as I get well enough, I’ll begin to return the favor. LOL

We hated to see our friends leave but they drove nearly two hours each way, just to say hello to us. I should mention that it is probably because of the close bond that Marilyn and Sandy have for each other. They laugh and carry on like a couple of school girls, when they are together. Kind of embarrassing for a couple of old farts like Mike and I. LOL

Marilyn & I watched the Cardinals wrap up the National League Championship series with a victory over the Dodgers last night, and then went off to bed, where we managed to sleep until 9:00 this morning. Wow! We must have been more tired than I thought.

I’m sure glad that we are staying put today. It poured rain last night and I need another day to recover from this darned cold.

Today is College Football day and I watched the Mizzou vs. Florida game on TV. Mizzou made Florida look bad and went to a record of 7-0. They look tough this year!

Marilyn fixed some potato soup, adding some pepper jack cheese to melt in it at the end. Needless to say, it was delicious!

The weather here turned out to be quite nice today but it is good that we stayed put because I would not have felt like driving for 7 ½ hours with this cold I have.

We will be home again tomorrow afternoon and then we can take our time getting things in order.

Lots to do but we have all winter to get it done.

Life is Good!

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