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October 18

It is an absolutely gorgeous day to be in Manhattan. Crystal clear and 66 degrees. Liberty Camp is on the Liberty Marina with some quite nice boats! Jersey City has developed some very nice waterfront condos and new skyscrapers. Most likely major corporations have put their administrative and service staffs across the river. We saw parking for $70 a month which would be unheard of in Manhattan or many other metropolitan areas. The Path is a 15 to 30 minute ride depending whether you to the WTC or near Penn Station on 33rd.

We had no trouble finding the Grove Street Path. Station was taking only cash which was causing all sorts of problems for people. We could not figure out how to get senior tickets so paid full fare. When we got to 33rd street we inquired. After showing our Medicare cards we got 50% off two way tickets.

It was a short walk to 30th between 10th and 11th avenues which is the up- town terminus of the High Line. (The Line ends on 14th street in the Meat Packing area.) The High Line is an elevated freight rail line that was transformed into a public park and greenway The vegetation was chosen to pay homage to the wild plants that colonized the abandoned railway. There is interesting styled seating all along the path, some are on train wheels. They have even kept the tracks in some areas. You can imagine how the real estate development has been spurred! Lots of building all around. It is owned by NY but operated by Friends of the High Line who fought for its preservation and transformation since 1999.

From 14th we walked to Katz’s deli (E. Houston and 2nd Avenue)for pastrami sandwiches. I knew Bob would not leave NYC without a pastrami sandwich so we got it done! I am still stuffed hours later but enjoyed every bit!

Took a subway to GCS and walked over to the UN. Unfortunately, you are required to buy tickets on line which we had not done. The tour books should tell you!!! We then walked to Lexington and 43rd to the International Center of Photography which is a school and research center . Zoe Strauss had an exhibit from her I-95 show which took place under the interstate in her home town of Philadelphia. Many of the pictures were “earthy” and depicted what most of us would like to overlook. Not terribly impressed with the work or that of Eric Hines who documented child labor.

We were pooped and I was way too full to think about dinner at Carmines, a family style Italian. We had Marriott credit so had a drink in the lounge. Decided to go home, relax and eat locally if we felt like it.

Was a great day but much more walking than we normally do! Tomorrow we will go to MoMA and have our NoLita eating/walking tour in the late afternoon.

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