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10/17/2013. Wednesday Oh, Baby, I Knead Your Dough!

This morning was all about olfactory orgasms! This is the Fogies' last morning in camp and what better way to finish a great few days in Sarasota than visiting a bakery.

We drove the 13 miles to visit Jim's Small Batch Bakery that is situated in small strip center off of Tamiami Trail. Jim's is a small bakery with limited parking and outfitted with just a few tables inside. Jim works in the full view of his customers and was cutting dough to make bread when we arrived at 9:13am. He does everything by hand- no machinery for this talented baker who makes everything from scratch using only top grade ingredients. His display cases were filled with a great variety of fresh pastries just out of the oven! Jim doesn't make a big quantity of any one item but rather makes "small batches" of many items.

I believe one of the very best experiences any one can have in life is to walk into a bakery early in the morning and take in all of the delicious aromas from the fresh pastries and breads. As soon as I opened the door to enter Jim 's, I was engulfed with the most delectable aromas and was ready to buy one of everything in the display cases. The young lady working the counter describing the delicacies and how Jim made them and what ingredients he used only made it harder to decide what to buy. Just looking at Jim's cherry Danishes and the fact he uses fresh red, ripe cherries and not pie filling was more than I could resist.

The Navigator ordered a cherry Danish, an almond croissant, a chocolate peanut butter fudge bar and a lemon bar. Fogie #3 ordered a lemon bar, a sticky bun, a brownie, a cherry Danish, and an almond croissant. I ordered a slice of pecan/cinnamon coffee cake, an almond croissant, a cherry Danish and a cheese pocket. The counter girl boxed up our to-go orders bid us a good day. All combined, we spent over $50 with Ol' Jimbo!

As soon as we boarded the auto,I heard the popping of to-go box lids, the rustling of crisp bakery tissue paper and then watched the thin wispy clouds of powered sugar waft through the cabin accompanied by the sounds of teeth crunching the flakey, buttery pastry shells. There was just the briefest moment of complete silence before the oohs and aahs erupted from the Fogies. The pastries were still oven- warm and tasted oh so good. Yeah, Jim! I love you, man!

We all enjoyed our little getaway and will soon plan another!

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