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we did it

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really happy feet

Our experience with the Camino Francisco is now over- perhaps. It is difficult to say if we will be like the many others who keep coming back to complete the whole journey or to experience it again and again.It certainly is a type of trip we enjoy-active, scenic,time for quiet and reflection and opportunity to meet others. Our last two days became very social with the feeling of comradery being the main highlight. As we would catch up to others, there would be a check in to see how they were doing, perhaps share words of encouragement and then their stories before they would scurry past us. It is a constant ping ponging of movement and interactions. The current hill, the next km, the changing terrain, the fluctuating weather -they all became secondary to stopping (often to catch one's breath) and finding out "How ARE you doing?" We had a great get together on our last night in Lograno's old town's main plaza. It was spontaneous but well hoped for. It was with very mixed emotions we said goodbye to our fellow pilgrims. It felt even stranger the next day when we did not tie up the well worn hiking boots and join them. But, the sun was shining and we were off to pick up a car, gather our bags and head to the coast. By the time we checked in to our 'almost beachfront' apartment, we agreed that walking the Camino was easier than driving across the country and then finding accomodation with kitchen facilities but, we did it. As I write this, the sounds of the surf lapping the shore can be heard from across the street.We are on the 3rd floor of a basic appartment. John and I walked along the beach for a couple of hours this morning, (just some locals fishing and others walking their dogs) then we all enjoyed some beach time this afternoon in between catching up on laundry. It is about 26C with a cloud covering so is very comfortable. The only drawback is that we do not have internet. John is waiting for me so we can go sit in a bar and send this- what he will do for his family and friends! We will stay here till we fly to Toronto on Wednesday. Tomorrow we head to Barcelona with Donna and Wayne to tour the city.

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