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The rain had diminished to a steady drizzle by the time we finished our coffee, so I went outdoors to get things ready for departure.

Marilyn busied herself with the indoor items and we pulled out of the site we were in, right at 8:00 AM.

We crossed the bridge into Tennessee and then crossed the state line into Mississippi by 8:30.

The drive was pretty uneventful except for several areas of road construction on I-55.

Knowing that there would be no place to get fuel on the Natchez Trace, we stopped just north of Jackson, MS and fuelled at a “Love’s” truck stop.

We hopped on to the Natchez Trace just a couple of miles down the road from our fuel stop, and enjoyed a beautiful drive at a leisurely pace of 50 mph.

The Natchez Trace is to be enjoyed, with tall, stately pine trees seeming to reach across the highway to their friends on the other side. In many places they seemed to be holding hands across the highway.

My GPS tried to take us through the middle of town when we reached the terminus of the Natchez Trace, but I ignored it and became a bit confused before I recognized the road I wanted to be on.

We reached our destination at 2:30, having been on the road for 6 ½ hours and were mighty happy to be done for the day.

We were set up and relaxing by 3:00 PM.

The sun actually appeared around 4:30. That was a welcome sight for sure!

Marilyn fixed a simple meal for dinner and we were sure that we would be going to bed early.

Tomorrow we’ll push on for Beaumont, Texas where we’ll be meeting our friends, Mike & Sandy.

It has been a long day and fatigue has a good hold on me so I’ll call this blog done and look forward to tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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