We are back in Cripple Creek for a few days...

This beautiful fella posed for us when we arrived in Cripple Creek..:-)

A cool shop in Cripple Creek...

View from our window, the burros are in the yard of the...

Last one, the freezing burros covered with snow falling..

We are back in Cripple Creek, Colorado. We will be here for two or three days. This is one of our favorite places to visit in Colorado, this will be our last visit before leaving Colorado to explore Utah. We have been in the ghost town mode, we have visited a ton of them while in Colorado. One of the best ones to see is right here near Cripple Creek. We will be visiting it tomorrow, as well as the Eagles overlook and more.

We are staying in the same hotel as last time. We didn’t see any of the wild burros when we arrived but I did spot a few from our hotel room window. They are zoomed from quite a distance, so they are not the best of pictures, but still cool. :-)

We saw a beautiful red fox when we drove into town. He stopped right on the side of the road like he was posing for us. I am adding his beautiful picture too, I hope you enjoy the photos. We love this area and can’t wait to start exploring in the morning. Check back later for more from Cripple Creek and surrounding areas.

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