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Arriving at night is a bit of a disappointment as you are robbed of the amazing scenery. However, transitioning from the dry of the desert to the humidity of the jungle is best done when the temperatures are in the mid twenties and not the mid-thirties. Arriving at our hotel which was about a 30 min ride from the airport. The theme being of a jungle lodge, picture lots of small building attached by wooden walkways nestled in the lush of the jungle. At least it had a restaurant, so we didn't have to leave to find dinner. The clerk informs us if we want to dine in we had better go soon as the kitchen closes at 10pm! You said closed right? Not open? He explained that they were a tourist hotel. Regardless, arriving at 9:30 they gracefully kept the dining room open until we finished closer to 11pm. Off to bed and another early day with our private guide and tour off the famous Iguazu Falls - named one of the 7 modern natural wonders of the world. All I can say is WOW. How can you explain these mammoth cascades of water that run over 1,000 km. The national park is well managed, and our guide was extremely knowledgeable about the history, flora and fauna of the park. I have to say that we were very lucky in the fact that this time is still considered the early part of tourist season and the crowds are not anywhere at their peak. We only queued a few minutes for the train rides to the upper levels and were afforded lots of opportunities to walk around, take pictures and generally take in the sheer magnitude and beauty of this spectacular scene. I was only a little irked, at the top of the Devil's Throat, there were 6 "licensed" photographers with 2 meter tall step ladders offering tourists photos for a price of course. They took up a ton of space, where incessant in their hawking and quite literarily badgered you until you forced to physically remove yourself from the area to let them convince the next group coming along. The other observation was that a great many folks crammed their way to the edge to then capture the scene on video to then quickly retreat and immediately play back the videos and share with each other as they quickly moved on to the next spot, when the actual live scene was right in from of them. Moving to the upper trails the crowds thinned a little. Once, our second circuit was complete the guide offered a break for lunch and then move on to the lower trails. It is noon at this point. We are hot sweaty and still in awe of the experience. We agree to move onto the lower trail before the heat and the crowds escalate any further. With the reward of lunch at the end of the tour. The lower trail allows you to get fairly close to the falls and I've uploaded a short video. The term "lower" trail does necessitate a descent. So once complete requires an equal climb. As lunch is our next stop we make good time to arrive a the Park restaurant to be greeted with hundred of folks lined up for the buffet. The Sheraton Hotel is the only hotel within the national park and we quickly change plans and head for the short walk to the hotel. The feeling of entering the hotels cool dry air conditioned interior was almost life restoring. A lovely lunch (more beef) and some lively conversation with our guide, we ventured back into the heat for a nano second as our driver was awaiting us with the van already cooled. Needless to say after our 3 hour jaunt in the jungle, full bellies and fuzzy heads from the beer and wine, the drive back to the hotel was very quiet except for the soft snores coming from the passengers. Back at the hotel, a little down time to explore, siesta or reading. We reconvene in the lobby for our pre-prandial cocktails and tax the poor hotel clerk for his dinning suggestions in town. We decide on a popular steak house with local live music. We arrive at this massive two story place including large outdoor patio and opt for the upstairs as it is little quieter. I've come to the conclusion that it must be somehow improper to dine in groups of less that 8 and more appropriately 10 to 12 as people came and constantly rearranged tables and chairs to accommodate their particular group. The waiters just stand back as its probably easier then trying to impose any kind of order. Another great meal and we call our driver for a trip back to the hotel. Sorry no actual visiting the town on this leg of the journey. Off to bed and at least a not so early wake up for our noon flight back to Buenos Aires.

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