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Makisha @ Dave enjoying a swim

View of the Paraburdoo pool

The Boys come to town

View over Tom Price from the town lookout

Mine workshop

A train loading up for the trip to the boat

Conveyer belt loading the train

One of the huge haul pack trucks

Our tour bus

Steph in front of an old Shovel

Yesterday we were lucky, Gavin is on break, and his mate Nathan came and helped to check and service the bearings, and do a grease up, on the van, all is good. They are also checking the electrics as we have been having the battery problems. The fridge is struggling as well. Not a good thing in these higher temperatures and with still hotter to come.

We love the pool and we had to go and cool off, Dave and Makisha had the best fun. After coming back from the pool, we noticed the visitors to the house across the road, the boys were having a good ole time on the front lawn, so we took some photos.

15th October (Tuesday)

Today we went on the tour of the mine at Tom Price, this tour is very well known and well worth doing.

We jumped on the bus at 10am and headed to the mine, the driver (Barry) was full of information and explained a lot about all the security on the way to the main gates.

Some of the stats of the mine are;

Deposit Discovery - Made on Mt Tom Price, October 1962 - Bill Burns and Ian Whitcher Lease was 13km x 8km.

Komatsu Dump trucks, cost $4.5m, carry 240 tons, 2500hp motors and carry 4920lt of fuel. There are 36 large 240t trucks and 6 smaller 100 lt trucks

All the mines produced in 2013 - 290 million tons per annum, estimated for 2015 - 360 mt pa.

Trains; 2.5km long with 236 wagons, 3 General Electric loco's, 4500 hp each loco, 116 ton of ore per wagon, 27,376 ton per train load, $3.5m per train load and average 4 trains per day from Tom Price. 1600kms of track.

The tour finished at 11:45 and they supplied a great little fact sheet and booklet at the end so all the information could be retained...;-) haha..

We purchased a 0.8 ltr kettle $30, as we don't have a 240w one in the van, and I did not want to have a large one to store, it is great size. I also looked at the Brita water filter system, as the water up here has a lot of calcium in it, and nobody drinks it, they all have filtering systems, but they were too big for our fridge.

Then we had lunch with Gavin and Nathan in the pub, as they were working over there as well. Then we filled up our water jerry cans at the one potable water tap in town and did the shopping for Dave's Scallop Recipe for tea. And then back home. We had a pa and nanny nap then went to the pool again for a quick cool down.. Soooo Gooood...

We find we are heading of to bed at 8:30...really Grey Nomads now, early to bed, early to rise....

16 Oct (Wednesday)

Today is quiet day at home base. Gavin and Dave doing boy stuff with cars, I thought I would clean out some of the cupboards and top up any dispensers, do the washing etc. Not much as it will again be a 38/9o day, but there will definitely be a swim, hopefully with Makisha after school..

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