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We've seen a few of these along the way - they always...

Eucla - basically a long way from everywhere

The kids spotted this playground at Eucla in a flash

We make it into our fourth state

Stopping for a view of the Great Australian Bight

A little windy above the cliffs; a nice lunch stop nonetheless

Our campsite among the trees


Our second day of crossing the Nullarbor had the added excitement of taking us into South Australia. At Eucla, about ten kilometres before the border, the road draws right near the coast and as you head through the Eucla Pass up onto the range, you actually look down towards the Southern Ocean from an elevation.

After crossing the border into SA, the road sticks pretty close to the coastline and there are plenty of places to pull over and check out the ocean and the cliffs that drop down towards it. We stopped for lunch at one of these, though it was all we could do to make lunch without being blown away.

We covered a little under 600 km today, stopping for the night at a free rest area called Colona, a little to the east of the small town of Yalata.

Today we lost a further one and three quarter hours crossing into SA, meaning we've almost got jet lag from being two-and-a-half hours ahead of when we left Esperance yesterday morning! It also means the kids didn't get to bed until about 10 tonight (only 7:30 Esperance time). This was also partly due to the fact we found out there is a quarantine checkpoint at Ceduna and, not wanting to lose all our fresh fruit and veg, we did a bit of a cook-up of everything we could this evening.

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