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Our boat (on right) when tide is low

Wendy off to do laundry - when the tide is higher

Still smiling

A log lodged on our deck when the tide receeded

It's not the Pittsburgh Rubber Ducky, but it's ours and we love...

Location: Great Wicomico Marina and Campground, Burgess, VA (where we keep the boat)

Weather: Rain, rain and more rain. And wind, too

Boat Names: Nothing notable to mention, as we are not going anywhere

“Well, the best laid plans of mice and men....”. All our high hopes of leaving Pittsburgh last Saturday, and beginning the voyage on Monday morning have gone astray.

Do you have any idea what it’s like to pack for a 6-7 month trip on a small boat, AND to pack up your house so that it is in a condition to receive tenants? As well as hosting out of town friends a few days before we left, being a good daughter, and keeping up work commitments. Not an easy feat. In fact, impossible to do in the time we had predicted.

Instead, we left Pittsburgh on Monday morning and arrived at the boat on Tuesday, after a nice visit with Darby and Chance and their parents in Fredericksburg. Once at the marina, the work continued, with all the unloading, organizing and storing, etc.

And then the rain began….. and it hasn’t stopped yet. In fact, there is so much rain and wind that the area is experiencing considerable coastal flooding. For us, that translates into being marooned for about 12 hours of every day (two high tides), when water covers the dock that we use to get to the boat. Even with our big tall rain (gum) boots on, the water is too high.

The silver lining is that we have time to organize and get everything tightly packed, to find nooks and crannies for everything from a new computer printer to winter coats (for trips up north) and chocolates. And I’ve had some time to sleep, finally.

So, are we ready to go? No, not entirely: there are always still things to fix. But with all this rain and dampness some things may have to wait.

We’re hoping that the weather cooperates enough by tomorrow (Sunday Oct 13) to get underway, but the forecast isn’t looking promising. So, it may be Monday, a week from when we had hoped to depart, that we finally take off. As Warwick likes to say, it’s been “slow as a wet week”.

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