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Mendoza Day 2 & 3

As mentioned in the last entry, today was originally scheduled as a day off rest, but the gang decided that they were interested in a city tour. I begged off looking for some down time and a bit of a catch-up on the travel blog.

A brief 3 hours later, the folks returned and we went off hunting for some lunch. At this point we've well acclimated to the dining hours of lunch at 3pm and dinner at 9pm. A stroll around the city, asking for our water bottles to be refreshed, with an average humidity around 25% and temperatures in the mid-twenties, the weather is extremely pleasant but you can dehydrate easily without realizing it. Back to the hotel for a siesta to refresh us before dinner. Our flight doesn't leave until 4pm tomorrow so will decide over dinner what we might want to do in the am.

An amazing dinner was arranged at Mendoza's highest restaurant. If you were not local you would have had no idea that it exited as there is no signage except for a discrete listing on the building directory that says "10 Cielo" and a slightly rickety elevator at the end of the corridor for a trip to the 10th floor. Remember this is 9:30 at night. We arrive to a rather modern club restaurant and request outside seating. OK, so some of you are thinking this sounds all very romantic, the city lights stretched out below you and it was until you sat for 5 minutes and realize you're in the desert and its bloody cold on an open deck on the 10th floor. The waiter was very accommodating and moved us indoors. The meal was great, but I had to stop the boys from jumping the bar to show the bartender on the proper construction of a martini. Oh the things one puts when traveling abroad. Post dinner we went off looking for a nightcap but decided since it was after 1am, to head home. After breakfast the next day we had time for a bit more poking around the city and decided to meet up at the museum of modern art in the middle of Independence Square just a few blocks from our hotel. Arriving to find it closed in preparation for a special free event that evening. So we simply walked around seeking out all the green spaces we could. We were able to see in action the extensive irrigation systems of the city and how they manage with extremely judicious distribution to keep everything alive and green (somewhat). Back to our hotel, another check-out, another ride to the airport, another flight. See you all in Salta!

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