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I am a little, actually a lot, in love with Montpellier. I should have come here sooner *the sigh you just heard was my credit card*!

The excitement started when I had to pop into the Apple Store to pick up a new charger, I use the words "pop in" very loosely. The Apple store is in a massive shopping complex called Odysseum, it's almost it's own suburb. It has an Ikea, a tram stop in the middle, an Olympic ice skating rink, an aquarium & even a planetarium. Holiday Inn are across the road and I'm sure it's a holiday destination hard to beat. There's almost every conceivable brand and chain store. It's a shame I have to pass there again on my way to the airport tomorrow :)

I was a little nervous having to drive in to the middle of the city and park, as I knew there were trams as well as more traffic than I've been used to. Thankfully I made it without a hitch and found my way to my gorgeous Hotel in the historic centre. The Hotel is called Baudon de mauny, it's a private guesthouse, and I have to say its just as gorgeous as the website shows. I feel rather special here. The only problem for me has been getting doors open and closed, there's several big old doors with original locks and I spend half my time trying to open them. I think they're rather tricky. Mind you this is just getting out, coming in there's codes.... Let's just hope I never have to be anywhere in a hurry.

Montpellier doesn't have major industry here, it's known for its university's. The university of medicine was the first in Europe and Nostradamus studied here. Being a town centred around education it has a fabulous energy about it. There's so many squares with parks, restaurants, entertainment as well as beautiful architecture. It's funny as I would never have thought to visit here but would definitely base myself here for a holiday. The public transport is easy to use for getting to the beaches.

We won't talk anymore about the shopping, only to say its fabulous!!! Also the trams are all bright and pretty having been designed by Christian Lacroix.

I don't have my laptop here so I'll upload a few photos via the iPad.

Also I'm very excited to be picking my aunty Sue up for the airport in the morning :)

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