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View from hotel in Miraflores

Miraflores Park

Impressive Buildings

The Cathedral

Interior of the Cathedral


Woodwork in the Cathedral

San Francisco Monastery

The City Square

Pre-Inca Pyramid of Huaca Huallamarca

We arrived in Lima in time for peak hour traffic, hence it took over an hour to get to our accommodation, mainly bumper to bumper and long trips up one way streets so that we could turn and go back the same way. Lima is a large city with shanty type accommodation on the outskirts. It is situated in the coastal desert area between the Pacific Ocean and the western hills of the Andes Mountains. From May to October, the "Garuda", a mist, settles over the city. Reassuring, as we thought it was smog, or sand, or even a Bridgewater Gerry.

A tour of the city showed us colonial and modern Lima, the exclusive Miraflores area, and the Embassy areas. The highlight of the tour was the Old City which encompassed Government Palace, The Plaza Mayor, City Hall, a most impressive Cathedral and a 17th century San Francisco Monastery with catacombs containing 25,000 femur bones and skulls. Also visited a pre-Inca pyramid of Huaca Huallamarca..

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