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The African nation of Namibia presents a very distinct example of a nation affected by rather recent yet drastic changes in its government. In the year 1990 Namibia gained its independence from South Africa. As a direct result of South African control years earlier, Namibia has some racial woes where whites overpower the economy in this nation of most blacks. Though only 6% of the population of Namibia is white, these people control 90% of land available for economic prosperity. Whereas the white people control the land, the black people are those who work the land. Considering that white people control 90% of the profitable land and that Namibia only has 0.99% arable land, the black citizens there have very little to work with (NationMaster.com). And besides the former South African control having an effect on who controls the land, many of the black citizens are not educated and thus work the land. So, education, or lack thereof, has a significant impact. As a result of such disproportionality, the Namibian government has adopted a policy that will take the land of the white owners and distribute it amongst the black citizens of Namibia. Whether or not this plan will work out is uncertain considering that the white landowners must not be happy with the government taking their land away, but if it should help the economy then surely this would be a valiant attempt at solving Namibia's unbalanced economy.

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