Karol Gives Poverty A Stern Talking To travel blog

Despite being known as the most advanced sub-Saharan African country, South Africa suffers from a couple problems that place it in the same conversation as less advanced, impoverished nations. Simply being advanced, at least beyond nations like or the Democratic Republic of the Congo, does not necessarily guarantee far better standing as a nation. South Africa's predominant issue is its lack of the availability of clean drinking water. This issue is accentuated by the statistic that about 5 million people in South Africa do not have access to clean drinking water. The nation is ranked 140th out of 169 nations listed in terms of its clean water availability. The World Health Organization says that only 1,154 cubic meters of renewable water (cubic meters/capita year) are available in South Africa (NationMaster.com). Though it is considered rather advanced among African nations, many South Africans rely on water pumps which provide contaminated drinking water which in turn causes negative effects on their health, with diarrhea being a primary symptom. South Africa goes to show that even though it may be considered advanced, more or less, the nation still has problems that bring poverty to its people.

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