Karol Gives Poverty A Stern Talking To travel blog

Niger, being the second poorest nation in the world, suffers from multiple problems that cause its poor condition. For starters, the nation has a massive technology gap, with technology being very scarce and, perhaps, even non-existent in many parts of the nation. For instance, of the nearly 17 million people living in Niger about 116,000 are internet users (CIA World Factbook). The nation also suffers from geographical impacts. Being a sub-Saharan country, Niger has a very hot and dry climate. These conditions cause drought and famines also causing children to be malnourished. Health of the people of Niger, which is subsequently impacted by healthcare availability, is one of the nations biggest problems. This is highlighted in the statistic that of every 1000 children born in Niger, 262 will not make it to their fifth birthday. But as previously mentioned, the climate and its effects on the availability of food also play a role in such startling death rates in children. Approximately 12% of children in the nation are underweight (NationMaster.com), and that is of those who actually survive. Political and economic woes also rattle the nation. Jobs in Niger are scarce and herding is one of the more prominent ones. But in a nation who's population is expected to double by the year 2020 and in which the prized animals for herding are dying as a result of a tough climate, it doesn't seem plausible for such an economy to exist without total devastation. The government isn't much help to the people either. When given food by other nations to be given out to the people, the government decided to sell the food for profit. Meanwhile people died of starvation and malnutrition. Niger is greatly affected by uncontrollable factors such as the climate in its impoverishment, but factors such as healthcare and the government as well as a lack of technology also impede Niger's development increase poverty.

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