Karol Gives Poverty A Stern Talking To travel blog

One may say that the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is the bread basket of the world when it comes to its overflowing deposits of precious metals and minerals. These deposit include mineral ore containing tantalum, tungsten, tin, and gold, which are used in essential components in the technology industry. Though it may seem as though the DRC may benefit from having such resources, in reality they are the cause of the many problems surrounding the nation. The DRC is a nation that lacks advanced technology, so even though they are a key provider of metals that compose modern technology, they possess a great technological gap. Such circumstances make the DRC an easy environment for war as warring occurs over its valuable metal and mineral deposits. And it makes sense that the DRC is essentially the poorest nation in the world, as it is only exploited for its deposits. The DRC is ranked 228th out of 229 nations in regards to GDP per capita, which stands at $400.00 (CIA World Factbook). With a rather non-existent government and a corrupt economy where one so-called company controls most of the nations profits, it is apparent why these numbers are so drastic. For the DRC it is a combination of a lack of technology, a lacking government and excessive conflict over its mineral and metal deposits that causes such drastic poverty to exist.

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