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Niger's poverty mostly comes from its primitive export; farming. It has poor geography for farming, which is a major problem in the first place. On top of that, farming in general is a very hard industry because it is completely based off the weather (unless you have very high technology). So not only is Niger's geography bad for farming, the fact that almost its entire economy is based off an industry that can be completely ruined by simple weather, is a big issue. So as soon as bad weather hits, an entire year's worth of food can be completely ruined.

Niger also has an extremely poor educational system. Actually, it would be better described as: Niger has no educational system. The average years of education for all adults of Niger is 1 year. 82% of people ages 15 and up are illiterate. The vast amount of problems this creates is hard to even comprehend. Basically, nobody can read. And nobody has gone to school. These people do not even know whats out in the world, and are stuck in a system of poverty that revolves around primitive ways to farm. Poor education also results in over-population as well, as the people are not taught how to prevent pregnancies. Its ridicules how large families are in these poor places, it seems the poorer a family is, the more children they decide to have. I wish I understood why they do this, but I guess from an uneducated view point, it might make sense in some way.

Niger also has fairly poor health care. there is 0.03 physicians for every 1000 people in Niger. That's basically 1 doctor for every 100,000 people. Its incomprehensible to think of all the people who will never have any chance to see a doctor in Niger, where-as here in America, everyone can see one whenever they want, and for as simple things as a cold. We even go to the doctor on a regular basis just to get checked up on. For a check up! And there are hundreds of thousands of people in Niger desperately needing medical help (probably from the lack of food and education) that will never have a chance to see a doctor. It is impossible for someone like me to even think of a world like that, yet it IS my world, and is something I want to take an active role in changing for the better.

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