Where in the world are Wayne and Donna this time? travel blog

most bridges have the water running UNDERNEATH......

Callian town plaza moss covered fountain - very cool

outskirts of Callian - the countryside is so lush and green

outdoor theatre in Fayence - what a setting to watch a performance

Wayne taking off

Wayne still being towed - getting pretty high!!!

you can see Wayne's head in the cockpit - he is having...

just before touch down of a very successful flight

Wayne earning brownie points for his next ride.............

02 Oct - We had a great day today with a long hike through the neighbouring village of Tourrettes and across the countryside to the hilltop village of Callian. Every village in this area is perched on a hilltop so it means much climbing and descending as you make your way along.

As you may know hills are not Donna’s favorite thing - in fact right about now they rank up there with mornings. Truth be told, it was a very picturesque hike and we celebrated our arrival in Callian with a yummy pizza at the very busy café. Our 2 PM bus never materialized so after a two hour return hike we arrived back in Fayence. Each time we go to town we take a different path back to our house and today we discovered a beautiful outdoor stage where they hold plays in the summer. Set on the hillside with an outstanding view across the valley it must be wonderful place to watch live theatre. This little town continues to amaze us with its facilities, for the size of the community.

03 Oct – Our hosts had kindly offered us a glider ride that Alma had won in some contest a couple of years ago. She assured us neither she nor any of her family had any intention of using it so I though "alrighty". Turns out the glider group had no idea what I was talking about when I presented her winning ticket but by then I had decided it was something I wanted to try anyway so I decided to pay my own way.

Donna had positioned herself on the belltower atop the village with a fabulous view of the whole valley to watch and hopefully photograph the flight. It was an amazing experience as even though conditions weren’t perfect for lift and visibility we managed to stay aloft for about 45 minutes. My pilot was a retired navy jet pilot and spoke very good English so we could chat as we floated along, smoothly circling if we felt an updraft to try to get higher. Eventually we flew right over Donna who was waving at us from far below. I always enjoyed my floatplane rides while working but this is even better without engine noise as you seem to hang in the sky. Despite going about 70kph it felt like we were barely moving. I’m sure it was the skill of my pilot that made the ride so smooth but a guy could easily get hooked on this sport. I finished just in time to meet John & Robyn who arrived by bus after a long travel day for them. We look forward to some fun times ahead with them.

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