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Monaco day started early as the buses around here leave about 7am. The schedules left by our hosts showed connections through Grasse, onto Nice then up the coast to Monaco. Sounds easy but took forever (5 and a half hours!). Eventually we stopped in front of the Monte Carlo casino and WOW - it was beautiful. There were people and fancy cars everywhere along with a fleet of humongous yachts in the harbor. However it was way too busy and too high end for us so we scoped out the casino, checked out the waterfront then retreated to Villefranche which Erin had recommended from her travels a few years ago. This is a picturesque village perched along the sea so we enjoyed strolling around and checking out the little shops. Lunch on the waterfront topped off a very nice afternoon. We took the train back to Cannes, which was much quicker than bussing and offered some tempting vistas of beaches along the way. By the time we caught our Fayence bus home it was almost dark, so a very full day.

Sorry no pictures today due to technical difficulties!!

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