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The rolling green hills south of Perth

Quite a number of timber plantations in the area

Wooded country lanes...!


Buses full of them!






Waking up at Ironstone Gully Falls

A morning cuddle


Blue skies to start the day

Our camp site

The actual falls


We left Fremantle today, looking towards the south east region of WA and its lush dairy, wine and fruit growing lands. Our aim was to check out Bunbury with its oranges and May Gibbs stuff, then head inland in a loop back to a camp north of Busselton on the coast. Well, this day just fuelled our disinclination to plan ahead because things didn't go to plan! On our way out of Fremantle we stopped off to send a parcel and then busted a tyre on Old Bess doing a uturn over a gutter. Oops. Hooray - we had a spare! Boo - we didn't have the right sized brace to undo the van wheel nuts! Thankfully, a bloke and his dog cycled past (the bloke on the bike not the dog...) and offered assistance (again, the bloke not the dog!). Half an hour later and we were all set. But we needed to get a new replacement tyre... A few more hours later, with a new spare, a couple of new car tyres, two pairs of big w boots, three Coles advertising cardboard guitars, and some maccas for lunch, we finally escaped urbanville.

By this time, we decided to miss Bunbury and delay part of the loop til the next day. However, we still had daylight left for a very important visit to a place near Dardanup. I'd read about Gnomesville some time ago and had it down as a must-do - if not for us, then definitely for mum, who spent much time educating me on the gnome families who lived on our farm in nsw when I was a kid. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, we finally found this little spot at a quiet t-intersection half an hour out of town. Boy oh boy! Gnomesville is definitely a sight to behold. We walked along little dirt paths past hundreds if not a thousand or more of these guys. They have gathered over the years to this spot, no doubt because it is exactly the type of place suited to them - a babbling brook weaves its way through a glade surrounded by hillocks, overhanging trees, and dotted with lush grass and wildflowers. There is a 'hush' to the area which gnomes would appreciate. We had a super time wandering through this surprising find.

We found a free campsite a little before dusk and were well-pleased with it - Ironstone Gully Falls, between Capel and Donnybrook. We had the place to ourselves for a while and were only joined by one other car during the night so it was pretty special. We slept to the sound of the waterfalls nearby.

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