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Marilyn had so many chores to get done that she sent me off to pick up Lauren this morning.

I picked up that little bundle of joy and we headed back to the campground.

I dressed in my “Cave Man” clothing and walked up to work, where I was scheduled to lead two tours, both school groups.

The first one was great! A group of “Home School“ kids, while the second group was from a larger school in a larger city.

By far, the home schooled kids were better behaved, more polite, and much more of a joy to have on the tour.

It was nearly 1:30 by the time I returned home, and Lauren was asleep when I walked in.

I waited until it was nearly time to wake our little angel and then I headed off to take a shower and dress for an evening with friends.

Jennifer called and she was taking part in a school function, a fund raiser, and she had volunteered to have a pie thrown in her face for charity.

We hurried to get Lauren there in time to see this “pie throwing” stuff, but were a few minutes too late. Steve met us outside and we transferred Lauren to his custody.

Marilyn & I then drove to Quincy, Illinois to meet with long time friends for dinner.

We enjoyed our time with Norb & Maggie, while also sharing a tasty meal. We only wish we had time to see our other friends in Quincy. There are some mighty fine people living in that city and many of them have been good friends of ours for many years.

Marilyn drove home from Quincy and we are now relaxed in our recliners. No TV tonight. Just relaxing in the fine company of one another.

Life is Good!

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