Over the hill

Hard at work

Cottage ruins and shaft mine

Bearded Dragon

Pub Ruins

Walk in mine shaft

Can we get it out, yes we can

Puppy Kindergarten

Doggie Primary School

Facial Burns

After Clean up

Doesn't look to bad....BUT

Week #2 on Baldina Station 22nd – 29th September, 2013.

Expecting more adventures this week didn’t quite work out the way I had envisaged.

Monday and Tuesday were trough runs and I went along this time.

The countryside over the hill is just wonderful, you feel like you are a million miles from suburbia and that suits us fine.

The main part of the flock is located over the hill and we drove around to check on them, as Kobey does most days, but today, using the same route as yesterday, we went axle deep in a wombat hole.

We also saw a lovely orange coloured bearded dragon on the fence post in one of the paddocks.

We investigated the ruins of the old pub that’s on the property and Kobey pointed out where the gold mines are and some of the remains of the miner’s camps. Apart from the shaft type of mine there are also two walk in mines which are still producing gold but only in minimal quantities and not really worth the effort unless you just want to have a bit of fun and quite frankly I think I’ll stay out of anything underground as there are supposed to be a lot of brown snakes out here and I HATE SNAKES!!

After a morning of “new experiences” we came back and went to school. Doggie school that is. Kobey “works” his dogs most days and today was the turn of the “teenager” and the “toddler”.

They pick things up really fast as the older dog had only been working sheep for a couple of weeks and the baby a couple of days. I guess it must be some inbuilt thing with them. They are great to watch at any stage of their education.

Wednesday brought some rather distressing news.

My son Andrew had been badly burnt in an accident at his home in Wagga.

We arranged a flight for me out of Adelaide to get me to Wagga on Thursday and apart from being rather upset about Andrew it was the first time in my life that I had ever flown by myself. I am not very good with flying, little planes are OK but it’s the bigger ones that scare the proverbial out of me and the flight was on a 737.

Thankfully all went well and I was quite proud of myself and my knuckles didn’t turn white either. LOL.

It was a good job that there was a couple of hours layover in Sydney for the connecting flight to Wagga because as soon as I turned my phone on there were messages from other members of the family to say that Andrew was due to be airlifted by helicopter within the hour to Concord Repat Burns Unit.

An $88 taxi ride from Sydney airport to Concord and I found that he still hadn’t left Wagga due to the strong winds down there. He eventually was put onto the Careflight plane and he arrived in Sydney around 6pm.

I can’t applaud the nurses and doctors in the Burns Unit highly enough. They are very efficient and very courteous and they even arranged for me to stay in the hostel for as long as needed.

To cut a long story short, the burns are to the left side of his body and they are particularly concerned for his ear and the area from his wrist to his elbow. The burns in these areas are very deep and he has suffered nerve damage. The burns on his face will heal well and hopefully leave little or no scarring.

They did all the necessary scraping away of burnt flesh on Friday and applied some sort of “gauze” which adheres to the burns and helps with the healing from within. This process takes 24 – 48 hours and if successful he will be able to return home on Tuesday.

Unfortunately this wasn’t to be. The gauze didn’t stick properly so they have had to use some glue to try and fix the problem which means until things are sorted out he won’t be able to go home just yet.

As you can imagine he is in a lot of pain and is very depressed. He is kicking himself for being so stupid but we all have lapses from time to time just this time it had very bad consequences.

I flew back to South Australia on Sunday, thank goodness, for if I had left it till Monday I probably wouldn’t have been able to land, the wind has been gale force.

There are another couple here now too, Noel and Janet and Noel and Rob have gone out to do the water trough run this morning all kitted out like Eskimo as the wind I am sure is coming straight over from the South Pole.

I certainly hope next week brings some good news and experiences of the nice kind. Kobey and Natalie leave on their holidays tomorrow (Wednesday) so WE WILL BE IT for the next 10 days. Bit anxious about it but I am sure we will keep the home fires burning. (Its’ the mongrel rooster that is the worst thing LOL). The dogs are even coming to our commands now which is great.

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