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Today we had to move eight sites away from the site we have occupied for the past three weeks.

We began in the usual way, with coffee and conversation, then left to drive to Palmyra to pick up Lauren.

We returned to the campground and then began the chores associated with moving the RV,

I had predicted that we would be all moved and set up by 12:00 noon.

It was a quarter to 12:00 when I finished up the outdoors portion and went indoors to get something cold to drink. Marilyn was finished indoors and had fixed lunch for that sweet granddaughter.

It wasn’t long before Lauren asked me to show her the movies so that she could choose one to watch when she went to bed for her nap.

Marilyn decided to lie down for awhile also and I think both of them fell asleep within a few minutes.

We have only to haul a few items to the kid’s house for storage while we are in Texas, and we will be ready to depart here in a couple of weeks.

Our Son-in-Law came to Hannibal for some business and saved us a trip to Palmyra by stopping by to pick up Lauren.

We had a short but nice visit with Steve, before saying Bye.

I jumped into the shower, then put on some clean clothing and was ready to go. Marilyn & I were meeting friends, Steve & Cathy, and Bob (Of Bob & Janet, except that Janet is in Dallas with their daughter Kelsey).

The five of us enjoyed a great meal at “Ole Planters” and lingered after the food was finished off, just visiting and exchanging stories with lots of laughter.

It was after 7:00 when we arrived back at the RV. Another Fifth Wheel RV was parking beside us.

Folks, these sites are close together as it is and when the campground fills up, it is really tight.

I guess that is just to be expected from time to time, when we stay at a campground instead of a familiar RV park where the sites are much larger.

The weather is great and I suppose that is bringing the RV’s out, with people trying to get that “one last good weekend of camping”.

With great weather they will soon all be saying “Life is Good”.

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