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Monday 9/23

Hooked it to Lake Tahoe this morning and yet another huge climb. What takes a car about an hour takes us three. Got Winnie set up at the "Campground by the Lake" a rv park owned by the city of Lake Tahoe South set in amongst tall pines and evergreens.

Lake Tahoe the lake is a very beautiful lake surrounded by mountains as you know. So it has the best of skiing in winter and sailing, or fishing the rest of the year. There are many quaint small mountain villages surrounding the lake, and then there is Lake Tahoe South.

First of all that is no name for a city ; it is a direction.

Secondly, Lake Tahoe South seems to have somewhat of an identity crisis. For example; they have huge casinos such as Harrah's next to a family owned mountain biking shop, an Ihop next to Bettie Joes cafe, or McDonalds next to a fifties drive through burger joint. It seems they tried to keep the quaint mountain feel but ended up with the big city fibe. Some people would consider that progress but personally I'd say they are a bit confused.

Had planned to ride the gondola up one of the ski runs, but they had closed it a few days ago to get ready for ski season. Regardless, there is something for everyone around the area and you could stay quite awhile to experience everything.

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