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The kids take the quicker option for getting into Coalseam Conservation Park

It was a bit windy there...

... but we still got to see some good wildflowers

Set up at Western Flora Caravan Park

Some of Pip's camera work





After a much better nights sleep, we headed off on what we'd designated as our wildflower day (Will asked if it was an internationally recognised day...). This was also the reason we'd made our way east yesterday: to do a little inland detour into wildflower country. The reality is that we've been seeing wildflowers since all the way up near Port Hedland but haven't made them our focus.

Our drive took us a little further east and then south towards the town of Mingenew. On the way we took a detour through Coalseam Conservation Park, on the recommendation of some of the brochures. Fortunately we had the road to ourselves because the corrugations on the way in meant we were crawling along with Old Bess. At one point we even suggested the kids get out and run to see who would be quicker. We did see some flowers, and part of an exposed coal seam (I think the oldest found in WA) which never proved particularly profitable to mine. Apart from anything else, it was really windy here too!

After lunch at the local cafe in Mingenew (which also made the tuckshop orders for the local school, we noticed while we were there) our path was back towards the west and the Western Flora caravan park. Here we had to make our way around the kangaroo at the door to get into reception - she had no intention of moving but was quite happy for a scratch on the head. We got ourselves set up and then headed back to reception to join the wildflower tour hosted by Alan the owner. (When Alan and his wife bought the property about 25 years ago, it was farmland, but they have let all the native plants - and many animals - return to the place).

It was a most interesting and informative couple of hours, firstly walking around the property looking having many different flowers and their behaviours explained, and then seeing some up close on the big screen as Alan put them under the microscope. We were by far the youngest participants on the tour, but the kids held it together really well and Pip developed something of a passion/obsession for wildflower photography!

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