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Checking out Pink Lake - does the water still feel normal?

Catching some good wildflower displays

Camping beside someone's paddock at the free rest area at Indarra


After our relatively sleepless night in the gusty Kalbarri our plans were fortunately only for a fairly small day of driving. We headed south towards Geraldton but stopped on the way to check out the Pink Lake. Apparently at times it can be a very bright pink and though we didn't get to see it that way, it was still an unusual sight. The pink colour is caused by algae in the lake which produces Beta Carotene, so they say ...!

Our intention had been to check out the museum in Geraldton but the fact it was still blowing pretty hard and we really just wanted to get to our destination and rest meant we didn't stop. We headed east from the town for another 80 km or so to a free rest area at Indarra. I don't know why the place is called Indarra, or whether there used to be more there, but now there is simply a little tin shed beside the railway line (no platform) and a free rest area.

The wind was much kinder here and, apart from the odd freight train passing, the night involved far more sleeping.

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