School's Out Forever : Yellowstone, Tetons, Bryce, Zion & St. George, UT 2013 travel blog

Morning Buffalo Sighting

Canyon Village 50's Lunch Counter

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Arrival

Glimpse of the canyon

Upper falls

Buffalo drinking

Elk in Gardiner while walking to dinner

Headed to Canyon Village this morning. Stopped in Mammoth for an elk fix. Continued on and spotted a herd of about twenty buffalo right near a parking area. Stopped. They were scary close but no ranger. Got behind a mess of fallen trees. Lin got a great pic of two buffaloes. Watched a lone male give himself a dirt bath by rolling in it. Then he proceeded to jump in the air. Ed was crazy with excitement. We could have gone home happy at this point but the day continued.

Lin spotted about five longhorn sheep on a close hillside as we drove. She wins the front seat because of her spotting abilities. She can distinguish between a real animal and a rock pretending to be an animal.

Had lunch in Canyon Village at a 50's lunch counter ... Grilled cheese for all of us!

Stopped at an overlook and walked down switchbacks for 1/2 mile to see both the upper and lower falls of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Majestic, thundering falls and pretty impressive canyon views at the end of the trail. The trail ended right beside the top of the lower falls. We were all afraid of dropping our cameras over the falls. Can't believe how close we were. Climbed back out and pulled off a few more times for spectacular views.

While driving back, Ed spotted a buffalo drinking from a pond about 50 feet from us.

Walked to dinner at the Rusty Nail bar. Eating right beside the sidewalk were two elk, not ten feet from us. Awesome. Dinner was a hoot. Really intended to go into the Gold Miner Restaurant, but got lost in the maze of the entrance. Laughing too hard to make a course correction before being greeted by the bartender. We went with it.

Another great day.

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