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In the article, the four main factors that have Niger in poverty are disease, bad government, bad geography and a lack of modern technology. In Niger 1 out of 5 of its citizens are dying due to malnutrition. 262 children out of 1000 do not reach their fifth birthday because of the lack of food in the country. The scarcity of food is so drastic because of all of the obstacles in the way. The geography of Niger is not fit for the production of food, with erratic rainfall and dry land it is nearly impossible to have crops survive and upkeep livestock. Nigerians do not have the technology either to feed itself. There are few modern tools found in the whole country. All these issues make it nearly impossible for Niger to provide for itself so donations help immensely to feed the people. But unfortunately the government is extremely corrupt and has stopped the food shipments coming in the country before so they could make more money on their supplies.

Nationmaster gives more support to these debilitating factors of Niger. The government is weak and doesn't reprimand people for their actions seeing as how there are zero prisoners in the whole entire country. This leads to believe corruption and crime are high in this nation making it hard for the average citizen to succeed on their own. Also in Niger there are 0.12 hospital beds for every 1000 people. This makes it difficult for care to be given to the large amount of people that potentially might need it. The country of Niger consists of part of one river. This makes water even more difficult to obtain in a hot, dry place. All these factors make the people of Niger have one set goal which is to survive, to try and find food, to find water, to beat malnutrition, to survive. The focus on basic needs makes getting out of poverty and expanding their wealth their last priority.

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