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Yellowstone North Entrance

Hot Springs


Norris Geyser Basin Area


After picking up a great shot in the dark coffee in Gardiner and speaking with a local who fishes for steelhead in Pulaski, we headed to the North entrance to Yellowstone located right down the street from our cottage. Temp today was in high 60's with a beautiful breeze and lots of sun.

We walked the boardwalks around the hot springs near Mammoth Hotel. The thermal pots smell strongly of sulfur, but they are a rare type of beauty. We remarked about how our ancestors must have felt when they ran into this section of the country where water and steam bubbles from holes in the ground. We enjoyed our packed lunch at an outdoor table near the hotel.

We continued to Norris Geyser Basin where we took an hour's walk around the hot springs in this area of the park. The springs here are different yet with some comprised of bubbling acid. Pictures won't do it justice: the bubbling sounds, the sulfur smell, the iridescent colors.

On our way back to Mammoth, Cinda noticed a massive bull elk resting beside a building. Park rangers had tourists cleared from his immediate area, but as Cinda and Ed spoke with her, she got an urgent call to clear the area because another male was heading this way. The two males had fought recently and people wouldn't be safe if it were to occur again. We were shepherded to the rest room and directed to go inside if a fight began. False alarm. The male turned around.

We got back into the car, but encountered a herd of at least 20 female elk hanging out near the post office. The male who had approached in the previous location then moved in on this bunch of girls. We parked and had a terrific up close view until we were asked to leave. Apparently, this bad moose had a habit of charging cars. This was enough excitement for us!

We relaxed with a glass of wine on a deck at the cottage area, met a nice couple from Austin and a retired biology professor who works for the park (and who will be spending the winter driving a snow coach in the park and tending the fire in the warming hut where skiers go), and walked to the Cowboy Grill for dinner.

We're off to the hot tub outside to relax. .... Some more.

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