2013 Fall Escapade travel blog

Our route home today

Tomatoes at a roadside stand

Flowers too

Gords on the ground

More flowers at another stand

Pumpkins and gords

Canna flowers

More Pumpkins for sale

"Skunk cows" and a Smiley Face cow butt

Amish buggy on the way home

Typical Amish farm

Plowing the fields with mules

Raking the hay

Lawn ornaments for sale along the Lincoln Highway

Dutch Haven windmill - Shoo fly pie for sale

Bare foot Amish boy with pigs eating ice cream

Amish muffler man

Sue relaxing by Winnie

The 1st leg of our Fall Escapade is done. We arrived home this afternoon for a round of doctor’s appointments before heading south later in the week. It was a beautiful fall week in Lancaster County. The temperatures were in the 70’s in the day and lots of sunshine. Cool evenings, but not so cool that you can’t sit outside until dark. Lancaster County is one of the most picturesque places in the country. My drive to and from the plant was through Amish farm country passing through places like Bird-In-Hand, Smoketown, and Ronks. There were plenty of buggies and scooters on the road with the Amish folks going to work or running errands. Many of the farms have produce, flowers, baked goods, and canned goods for sale in little self-serve shelters. We’re sorry to leave Lancaster County.

While I worked last week, Sue relaxed. She relaxed so much she was bored to death by Friday. I think next time she’ll decide to get up and take me to work in the morning so she has the car and can go shopping.

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