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Today was a much simpler day than yesterday.

We had the pleasure of Lauren’s company again today and I was asked to go lead a tour of the cave.

Both of those events are routine now.

Many of you dear readers may already know that Friday nights are Football nights for the High School teams across the country.

This particular Friday (Today) happens to be Homecoming night for many of the teams in this area.

Now, when I was in High School, about a million years ago, we played basketball against the team from the school where my daughter is now the school nurse.

Our grandson Colby has just started Kindergarten at that same “enemy” school, and I’m sure Lauren will go to school there as well.

This afternoon we drove over to Palmyra to watch the homecoming parade. The parade was led by a group of American Legion Vets, marching and carrying several American flags.

Marilyn, Jennifer, Lauren, and I, stood back from the hundreds of teachers and students, who lined the curbs.

As the American Flags passed by, I removed my cap and stood with my hand covering my heart, as I had been taught to do, oh so many years ago.

I was moved by the sight of nearly all of the students and teachers, standing quietly, with their hands over their hearts, out of respect, as our American flags passed by.

We see so much “bad press” about young people in America these days, but I do wish that some of the media would take note of the “Class” shown by most of the young men and women in this country.

There were the usual bands, the homecoming queen and attendants riding in convertibles, waving to the crowd, the football players wearing their jerseys, and many other people and vehicles playing their part in the parade, but it was the respect shown by the students and teachers which made the largest impression on me.

I tip my hat to these young people and to the parents and teachers who taught them how to act.

Since Palmyra is not playing my old High School, I hope they win tonight!

On a different note, the campground is filling up tonight as campers, many with families, kids and dogs, arrive and set up for the weekend.

It has been a good day.

As a matter of fact, I’m certain that it goes without saying that Life is Good!

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