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Botanical gardens

Just one of about 100 flower pics. I won't bore you too...



Tuesday. 9/17

Mike was itching to get out on those massive dunes and so we rented a Razor side be side unit and got goin! It was like a si phi movie; driving up and down mountains of sand and never seeing other signs human life forms. Kinda creepy but a blast too.

The afternoon had more of a feminine vibe. The Coos Bay botanicals gardens. They are in a beautiful setting just down from our camp site. It was by far the best garden we have ever seen. In addition to every flower know to man displayed in an English garden setting there were fountains, ponds, wedding arbors, Victorian era caretakers home, and a rose garden that enveloped your sense of smell as if you were already in heaven.

Saw another magnificent sunset and then collect a few pieces of driftwood off the beach.

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