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According to the article much of Haiti's poverty is caused by the overwheleming amount of disease and health issues in the country. Haiti has a cholera epidemic on their hands. It was estimated that 400,000 Haitians may get cholera in 2011. In 3 months more than 2000 people died from cholera. The contaminated water is the reason for the rapid spread of the disease. This issue festered in the nation because of the damage the earthquake caused. Damage to buildings is still there due to the fact that government was greatly shook by the natural disaster as well. More than a million people are living in tents because nothing has really been done to reconstruct homes for them. Clean up and the build up of the nation has been stagnit all because the government hasnt done much of anything. The two main problems in Haiti are the governments lack of power and action along with the health conditions in the country.

These problems have been mentioned at The health problems in the nation have a huge affect on the life-span of children. According the the site 120 out of 1000 babies will not live to see the their fifth birthday.

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