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Brunei at Night

Hi Everyone,

We have conquered the Southeast Asian stomach bug that dominated the last few days of our Borneo experience!! Exhausted but healthy, we explored the capital city of Brunei today. Thanks again to those of you who sent/brought Dramamine to us!! It has been our saviour on the many ferry rides that we've taken over the past few days. After becoming the first people that either of us knew to have a Brunei stamp in their passport, we headed off on a city bus to the capital city. It is amazing how much money there is in this little country. There is no poverty that I have seen and some of the houses that we've seen could've been transplanted here from Beverly Hills. We spent the day with "Danny." Danny is a guy who has been written about in every southeast asia budget travel guide on the market. I remember reading about him before I left and laughing at the entry. He's this guy who stands at the bus stop and out of the goodness of his heart and his love for Brunei, offers help to tourists getting off the bus. We both remembered reading about him, but didn't figure we'd ever meet him but, sure enough, there he was waiting for us as we stepped off the bus. Within twenty minutes he'd found us a travel agent at which to book our flights to Singapore and found us a place to stay. Before we had time to think about it, he was ushering us off to lunch and planning our entire day. He took us to the Royal Museum (on the way, we got to see the prince of Brunei drive past in a porshe), a museum dedicated to the sultans of Brunei. After that, we walked past a few mosques and headed off on a river cruise of the water village. The water village is a community of 30,000 citizens of Brunei that live in houses that were built over the river. They have schools there, fire and police stations, even stadiums. It was very interesting. Last, we went on a round the city bus tour to see the area outside the city center. It was nice to sit in the air conditioning after a day in the humidity and heat. After the bus tour, Danny dropped us off at our hostel, signed our travel guides and posed for pictures. It was a great day!! Tomorrow morning we will check out some of the markets and then head off on our flight to Singapore. Hope you are all doing well.



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