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Original TV

Original bedroom decor

Removing the fabric from the cornices

Lots of staples

Just some of them pulled out of a cornice

Fabric removed from slide ends

Wetting wallpaper strips

Wallpapering painted masonite panels

Attaching the finished masonite panels

All masonite panels in place

Nailing trim back on

Putting wallliner on cornices

Adding base layer of paper on cornices

A completed cornice ready for sealing

Lee hiding wiring

New decor

Another look

The whole picture

Applying final coat of sealant to wallpapered panels

New decor in the bathroom


Sea plaque for bathroom

New TV temporarily installed so we can move on

Shortly after we arrived in Moose, Wyoming, we started a bedroom remodeling project. Mary is highly allergic to dust mites and, of course, the way recreational vehicles are decorated, the cornices are padded and upholstered and in our fifth wheel the slideout in the bedroom also had padded fabric inserts. We've been traveling for six years in our fifth wheel and since it is almost impossible to clean the padded upholstery, we decided to get rid of it.

Mary decided that we (meaning, of course, Lee) could remove the cornices and remove the fabric. Then we could wallpaper them instead. Of course, it ended up to be quite a bit more complicated. There were a million staples in each cornice which had to be removed. Then once the fabric was removed, we ended up with cornices that were of really low grade lumpy wood. Lee first sanded off the big lumps. Then he painted each cornice. After that he applied a wallpaper liner to get rid of any other lumps that would be seen once the marbled wallpaper Mary picked out was in place.

We let the liner dry over night. Then the next day we applied the first coat of wallpaper on the cornices. Lee did the corners and Mary did the rest of the cornices. The marbled paper Mary used was dark on one side and light on the other so when Lee hung the paper around the slide, the top and right side looked dark and the other side looked light. So, Mary decided that she would make a layered look by tearing paper. She applied light paper over the darker spaces and some darker paper over the light spaces. It came out looking pretty good.

Of course, because of the layers, we decided we needed to Mod Podge the layers of paper to make sure they didn't peel. That had to dry a day. Then we applied a polyurathane sealant over everything to get rid of the tackiness. Then, of course, Lee had to hang all the cornices.

We have to say, it looks great like maybe the fifth wheel came this way.

The other thing that Mary wanted was new shades that were easier to raise and lower. She ended up ordering room darkening regular roller shades that were very inexpensive but filled the bill. You can't see them when they are up and, since Mary always likes privacy, she found some window film that went really well with the new cornices and put that on. Now we have light in the bedroom with privacy.

In the bathroom we took out the old Venetian blinds and put up the new cornice and the same privacy film. We tested it by looking from the outside in at several times of the day and night and you can't see in all at but the bathroom is now a lot brighter.

The next project was replacing the old television with a new flat screen. Since we played most of the time that we were here in Moose, we didn't quite get that done. Lee spent yesterday fixing it so that we could move on without it falling down and being destroyed. When we get to Texas, he can fix it the way it should be done.

We are pretty pleased with the results. Now, of course, Mary wants to tackle the living room but for that we have to start with a new couch and chairs. Then we'll have colors and can go from there!!

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