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Coffee beans on the tree

Sandra at work gathering photos for classroom

Dried tea, packaging and drying area

Clothes dryer

Today we took a break from hectic traveling and stayed put in Pakse. We went to the morning market and looked at the meat section and the textiles. Frogs on a string, strips of pork (with hair) and bags of crickets. Yummy. Picked up nice wraparound pants and skirt that are of a contempary example. Nice thing for weavers to look at to see how to use their handwoven. Wrap around skirt was wrapped, tied and turned at the waist to allow stings of beads to hand down from the waist. Really cool. Picked up skirt that was tailored for me of a contemporary Sam Neau style to show contrast to my 2000 skirt purchase.

Walked into Pakse tourism office to see what they had found that there is a training tour program where you can sign up to be a tourist to a village "learning" how to work with tourists. Very interesting program, nothing for us to attend but now we know they exist.

In the afternoon we were going to just hang out but Sandra's teaching need kicked in and we arranged for a driver to a coffee plantaion on the plateau. Drove about 1 hour to visit the coffee fields, talk to the owner and photograph (in the driving rain) the coffee beans on the tree. Had excellent cup of tea while we talked with the owner. Saw many trucks coming from Attapua (sp) province with lumber on the way to Thailand, government is limited amount of trees cut to create biodiversity in the area. So much for a day of relaxation. We are up tomorrow morning at 5:15 am to leave for Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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