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Brian (Gulli) & Chris Harley Davidson Riders from London had a coffee...

Albert & Jackie Californians, who also were looking for oil 4 their...

Farrar the hostesses dog who greeted us at Amboise

Entrance to Da Vinci's house

Machine gun

Da Vinci's Archimedes Screw pump

Garden replica of some of the inventions

Spiral screw

Another #### reservoir on the way to Tours - one of many

New trams in Tours


We spent the morning in Amboise, to see Da Vinci's house & gardens - it was fantastic, what a legacy Da Vinci left, felt humbled as an engineer seeing what he had invented and dreamed up, apart from his paintings.

He invented many things we take for granted today, opening bridge, hydraulic turbine, parachute, Archimedes screw pump, pile driving hammer, even a life buoy. Many of these were used 100's of years after his death 1519.

From a brochure it is told "that he wept on his death bed for having offended the Creator & the people of this world by not working at his art as he should"

Headed toTours, assuring Marg it was all along the river easy - wrong, the bike path followed the Reservoir route again so some long climbs, made it toTours, around 2.30 pm a tad tired. Had to walk some distance thru the CBD, but found Hotel Vendome, without too much fuss. The name sounds flash but it is not - kinda under repair putting it nicely - Faulty Towers has nothing on this place !!!

Some caravans have larger ensuites than what we have here.

Tomorrow off Azay le Rideau, will be another big day in the saddle

PS bought some oil for the chain some improvement less noisy, but gear changes still all over the shop - " not happy Jane"


Will add photos later, tomorrow Internet here is so slow- sorry

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