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Picked up Tandem @ Blois

The Great Houdini's House of Magic, Blois

Chateau Chambord - fantastic

Magnificent stone spiral stairs

Just one floor level off the stairs

View from the top

Lady killer!,,

The But !!!

The long long way to Cormeray

Hotel de Cormeray


Arrived Blois via train, found hotel where tandem was awaiting, checked out Blois, then we rode out to Chateau Chambord, which was fantastic, amazing architecture for it's day & stone masonry spiral staircases etc.

The 1st days ride was a bit devastating, ended up way too long -after going the long way to the Chateau, and then another kick in the guts when a nice French chap sold us the pup, giving us directions to Cormeray - 3 times longer than it needed to be. Arrived about 6 pm, we did well considering the weight, of the tandem fully loaded with panniers must be in excess of 40kg. The tandem, is rather dodgy, obviously the bike has not been serviced in ages, slipping gears and a chain that is dying of thirst for some oil - rather disappointing, but we have made it thus far, " We reckon it was the automatic that Steve & Ed needed in their Skoda hire, had a mind of it's own!!

We must have done nearly 70km, worst was too come, no proprietor at the Hotel to meet us,, just key in the door of our hotel room. No tea coffee facilities, not one shop, takeaway or restaurant anything in town!!!

The place was akin to Hitchcock's thriller "the Birds" no one anywhere, being a Sunday the French must hibernate. After a shower we rode another 5 Kim's searching for somewhere to eat but to no avail, we should have known !!!!

So shared a banana with Marg for dinner that night ( totally stuffed) - not a good outcome For our lactic acid loaded legs!!!

Tomorrow another day


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