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best place in town to sit, have a drink and watch the...

stairs, stairs everywhere

Croatians must have been skinny in the 1200's when they built this...

from the top of the Bell Tower - the turret is now...

also from top of Bell Tower

love these alleys - it's a maze of wonderful nooks & crannys

the church square at night

last night in town - boooooo!

shows the walkway from one turret around to another turret

the whole town on a well protected peninsula

After one night in Split we decided to head the island of Korcula the next morning. It was a great decision as the weather was perfect and our 3 hour voyage was spent photographing the many boats and islands we passed. After another bus ride winding through numerous small villages we arrived at Korcula town site. Our third miscue on finding our hostel - a pattern was starting to emerge!!! A quick note – with each booking we have made, we have increased our diligence in writing down street names, directions, addresses and memorizing maps. It also must be noted that none of these “miscues” are our fault – there are no street name signs……………anywhere! So names, addresses and maps don’t do much good. It seems that miscues are the order of the day as well as just asking directions as you go. We passed many other folks in the same situation so we were not the only lost travelers!!!

One person we asked just happened to be the son of the owner of our hostel so he called and good old Dad came to pick us up. After our bitty little room in Split we were thrilled with our one bedroom apartment, kitchen & private bathroom - WOW!!!

Korcula, it turns out, is wonderful. It too is on a peninsula with a walkway and pathway along the shoreline continuing on to the next town down the coast. Along this walkway there are café’s and restaurants with outdoor seating only and huge trees for shade. It is one of the most peaceful and inviting places we have ever been, encouraging people to stop, relax, enjoy the ambience and watch the world (and boats) go by.

The church sits at the pinnacle of the walled town so from the walkway there are winding narrow staircases and alleyways that lead up from the shore to the church – pedestrian only, no vehicles. In these little accesses there are tiny café’s, gift stores, cobblers, artisans, sobes (rooms for rent), t-shirt shops, soap stores………. – it is just soooo cool. From the bell tower of the church (climbing up well-worn stone steps that get narrower and narrower as you get closer to the top) there is a lovely view of the whole walled town site.

A few pocket pebble beaches carved out between the rocky shoreline attract locals and tourists alike. The waters are aqua blue by the shore and crystal clear, even in the several marinas around. We stopped for a nice dip one afternoon and could see ourselves making this a regular activity if we had more time. Another spot to add to the “must return to” list!

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