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Relaxing at Stanley Rest Area with the lamb roast cooking in the...


Chilling out with a book inside

Some interpretive dance outside?

... after

Another sunset - they don't get boring for us!

The bugs caught by our RIDABUG over a couple of hours after...

The mist still hangs around as we depart the next morning


Before leaving Broome this morning there were a few jobs to get done such as refilling gas bottles and voting for this Saturday's election. It's been one of the great pleasures of this trip that we have been completely oblivious to the whole election campaign - what blessed relief! In fact if we hadn't had buffet breakfast in the hotel at Jabiru where a TV was on, we might not even know the election was happening.

On the road again after five nights in Broome, we made it as far as Stanley Rest Area today, a free campsite off the highway (which runs adjacent to Eighty Mile Beach though is 10 to 20 km away from the beach at most points).

We were there in pretty good time and had the pick of most spots. It was a hot afternoon so we tried to get a little shade. After setting up there was a breeze which, when seated in the shade, made for a pleasant spot to spend the afternoon. Since we had plenty of time and a need for space in our little fridge, we decided to get the rather large leg of lamb out of it and try our first roast in the Weber.

As the smell of roasting lamb (and some veggies added later too) filled the air, Sal and Pip got into some fantastic craft, making shell necklaces and bracelets with some of the shells we've found along the way. Alice ended up involved as well, and Will was quite happy to have a funky shell necklace tied around his neck too.

The roast turned out absolutely delicious (another tick for the Weber!) and we ate outside in the fading light. Once the kids were in bed, there was another chapter of Prince Caspian, though the curtains all had to be closed to try and keep bugs away from the lights (we have a few holes in the fly screens). Once the lights were off, all the curtains were opened again because the breeze had dropped and it was turning into a warm night.

In fact it ended up being a really unpleasant night: a sort of mist came and settled in early on which created almost 100% humidity so that we were covered in a film of sweat all night. Even wiping down with a washer didn't help. The kids were fine but Sal and I had a pretty terrible sleep. Hopefully it's a fairly local phenomenon and we won't meet similar weather conditions as we go on.

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