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Bom Dia Todo!

I have now been in Fortaleza with SIT for just over one week. I am now at my homestay where I will stay until November and then again in December. Classes have started and I am well on my way to learning Brazilian Portuguese! Practice at the homestay is helping me more than anything else. My host family consists of myself, my younger sister, who is 12, and my mom, who is widowed. I have my own room and bathroom with cold showers and non-suction toilets. I sleep in a hammock (mainly by choice because the bed is more of a box spring then a mattress.) We live in an apartment 25 minutes walking distance from school in a relatively safe neighborhood. I have to relatively because Fortaleza is the sixth most dangerous city in the world, so I still can't go anywhere alone and I have to travel by taxi at night.

Safety is a major concern in Fortaleza, especialy for me considering I don't blend in and am an easy target for theft and more. Traveling alone is possible but defintely not recommended, and impossible after dark.

I typically have Portuguese from 9 to 12pm Monday- Wednesday which includes snack breaks to various little places around school. Then I have a break from 12 unti 2pm and have class again for seminars until 5 or 6pm. At lunch I can do work and grab food, especially at the vitamina shop which sells smoothies and hot dogs super cheap. Days are long and don't leave me with much free time, but I will still find time for adventures. Thursdays and Fridays are for community projects where we learn in the field with an organization aligned with our interests.

Weekends are free for the most part, and Sunday I am going to see Beyonce at the soccer stadium! Saturday is a holiday so the school is showing us around for the festivities.

Feel free to message me via facebok or email if you want more of an update! more to come by next week.

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