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Driving on Canyon Trail 149

Vally Overlook at 9,000 feet

Forest of Birch Trees

From a scenic lookout along Highway 12

Rainbow following one of the T-Storms

Monday, Sept 2nd

This morning’s sunrise was great!

First stop of the day was at a DIY car was, used two full cycles at the power wash. Sadly the mud won the 1st and 2nd battles :-( But with the help of mother nature, I won the 3rd Battle!!!

Following the car wash, we set out on Scenic Highway 12, heading east to the town of Escalante, where we stopped at the Grand Staircase National Monument visitor center.

Wanting to continue our off road adventures, we found a dirt road, trail 149 (all the trails are numbered), and drove North until we reached the end. High point today was only 9,200 feet. On the way up, we found trail 500, a single lane ‘Jeep’ trail. Luckily we were the only one’s traveling this trail, ‘cause it was truly one lane trail, with no passing zones. We continued ‘up’ trail until it intersected with trail 499, where we could turn around and descend back down the mountain side. Along the way, the Jeep picked up a fresh coat of MUD!

We took Scenic Highway 12 back to Escalante. As usual, mother nature provided several rounds of isolated T-Storms. The heavy storm we drove through did a great job of washing the mud off!

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