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Apparently all moose are shy, and this one was no exception.

Swan - they are so elegant!

Typical beautiful scenery. Is it any wonder we love it here!

A little cabin near Kluane Lake in Yukon Territory

Beautiful snow capped mountains

A beautiful sunny day in Tok made it a great way to start our drive to Haines Junction. First thing we did was find a geocache right by Fast Eddy’s, but that’s the only one we found today - they are few and far between out in this remote section of highway!

We had a nice scenic drive to the Canadian border and a very easy crossing. You just need to be respectful of the border guard’s position and don’t do anything stupid. I’m sure these border guards want all visitors to have an enjoyable time in their country so they aren’t asking questions just to give us a hard time.

The gravel road we crossed a few days ago was still in excellent condition; the rain hadn’t created any more potholes than before. In fact the big graders were smoothing out sections and the road was actually pretty darn good! We only hit one section where we needed to follow a pilot car and that was about a 15 minute wait. We were the first car in line behind the pilot car and buzzed along at a pretty good clip. The Subaru rides quite well over the rough roads (we’re liking our new car more and more each day!). The frost heave sections were still the same, you just have to keep a lookout ahead to seem them coming. The frost heave creates big “waves” across the road and you can see them coming if you watch the white or yellow divider lines in the middle of the road to see where they get a little wavy looking. Just slow down and take it easy until they smooth out. We followed a couple of motor homes for a while and we could see why that earlier traveler we talked to had told us the road was “terrible”. It IS terrible if you don’t slow down! They were really bouncing over some of those “waves” in the pavement, and even scraped the back of the motor home or trailer a few times!

We had being seeing an occasional pair of swans on some of the small ponds by the road, and finally found a pair that were close enough for me to take a few pictures. What a thrill! Then a short time later we saw a moose! This one stood and looked at us for a while, then another car stopped, but when the third car stopped that was too much. It turned and walked quietly away up into the thick woods, but not before I was able to snap a few pictures.

We checked into the Raven Hotel in Haines Junction and got to talking with the owners, Gwen and Bruce, about Geocaching. They had tried it a few times some years ago and hadn’t been able to find a cache, so had just given up on it. Hearing us talk about it made Gwen very curious to learn more, so we arranged to give them a little lesson about Geocaching. They were really interested and think it might be a good thing to make up a cache to place at their Visitor’s Center for people to check out as they pass through Haines Junction. I told them about the one in the museum at Delta Junction and they thought that was a great idea. I wonder if they’ll follow through on the idea. I think they’ve got enough information to do it if they’re really interested.

By the way, we would highly recommend the Raven Hotel in Haines Junction, Yukon Territory. Probably the cleanest, most immaculate place we’ve stayed on the entire trip. Gwen and Bruce are very friendly and were a delight to talk with. We had an extra jar of blackberry jam with us and decided to give them a jar since they were such excellent hosts.

Tomorrow we’ll be driving down to Haines to catch the Alaska Ferry. We have reservations on the MS Columbia which will be sailing for Bellingham about 8:00pm. Another exciting adventure ahead!

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