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I’ve been in Brazil for less than 24 hours and I’ve already had Vitamina do Acai, learned basics of Portuguese, and accustomed myself to the Brazilian perception of time. Last night I arrived to find that my hostess was out partying and would not answer her phone. She showed up two hours late to get me and instantly greeted me with dois bezerras (two kisses into the air, one on each cheek.) After 19 hours of finding my way by using Portunol (Portuguese-Spanish combo) I finally could unwind and relax. Today, Oelito (the program assistant) picked me up and took me to the center next to my future “second home,” aka school. Here, I received a hammock to sleep in along with my own bathroom, bed, and fan. He took me to the Vitamina shop, where I have a feeling I will be a frequent customer. Depending on what fruits you want, you can get any smoothie and sausage wrapped in dough for about Rs 3. That’s about $1.50 in USD. Hello cheap and filling lunches! They have an entire menu full of different fruits you can try, but of course I tried the acai today. I have a feeling these smoothies will be even more appreciated during my lunch breaks because it’s a constant 80 degrees and high humidity here. I have the day to relax and learn some more portunol (hopefully some Portuguese too.) Tonight the other 12 students and I will have dinner and test our Portuguese abilities for class placements. Tomorrow official orientation begins!

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